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New Products

Stop-Pull Harness

Recommended for strong and erratic pullers, Stop-Pull Harness applies soft pressure around the girth when lead is attached to correct behaviour and halt your dog. Available in 3 sizes across 5 colours.

Classic Collar Padded

A padded collar with breathable diamond mesh that distributes pressure evenly to ensure comfort. Double reflective stitching enhances night and day-time visiblity. Available in 3 sizes across 5 colours.

Control Harness

A padded harness that offers comfort and additional control. With two-point steering to reduce eratic pulling while allowing the redirection of your dog's head for better steering. Available in 4 sizes across 5 colours.

Control Collar Web

A safe, non-slip collar for improved control while out and about. The Control Collar Web assists in halting your dog while maintaining control. Available in 5 sizes across 5 colours.

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